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Jesus for All Mission (JFAM) 2019 report and Program for 2020


Grace and Peace to All

During 2019 we experienced many wonderful blessings of God’s keeping power, provision and anointing.

In Mozambique we had our first Bible School in Chimoio where we were able to impart the powerful Word of Life to many leading couples in the work. Brothers and sisters were blessed and enriched by the Word and some received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Believers came from far and wide with some folk travelling around 1500 km to attend. Those who had travelled were accommodated under a tarpaulin draped over the perimeter walls of the unfinished hall in Chimoio.

With great thanks to the Lord we are seeing much fruit from the 5 annual visits to the Church of the Lord Jesus in Mozambique.  Sadly, 2019 was the year of those devastating floods!  Thanks to the Lord for the generosity of the believers who gave around R 40 000 to be distributed amongst the most affected and needy.  We were also able to distribute more than 100 000 L of clean water to many thirsty people. 

Elias was given the opportunity  to speak on Radio Pulpit where he shared concerning the plight of the Mozambiquan people.  This resulted in a truck load of some 6000 kg of clothing, food and water being distributed to those affected. 

In Malawi, the Lord has been gracious to raise up a group of men with a heart for the vision of the Gospel. Food shortages due to droughts or floods and financial constraints are some of the factors that often hinder the brothers from fulfilling this calling. Much prayer support is needed.

Our regular visits to the rural churches is a wonderful encouragement to the believers.  The folk also greatly appreciated the support they received  during the devastating floods that destroyed many homes, washed away livestock and hundreds of people perished

There are two building projects in progress which have reached roof height.  We are looking to the Lord for sufficient funds to complete the buildings in time for the Bible School sessions in July 2020.  The Blantyre building is in need of doors, windows, materials to construct beds and mattresses.  In Mozambique they still need roofing materials, doors, windows.

Thanks to the Lord for Pieter and Olga in Swakopmund, Namibia, who continue to minister to the believers at the stables and in town.  We pray that the Lord will continue to  bless this mission field.

During 2020, God willing, there are planed visits to the following countries.

The time table follows:

  1. Namibia 

28th Feb to 01st March

Additional dates will be provided in due course

  1. Mozambique and Malawi church visits and leadership training

18th March to 02nd April

16th September to 01st October

  1. Mozambique and Malawi Bible School

07th July to 24th July

            During this time Bible School sessions will be held at Chimoio in Mozambique, at Mzimba in Malawi and at Blantyre in Malawi.

  1. Visits to Mossuril in Northern Mozambique will take place during June and November.

The team responsible for the care of JFAM activities, take this opportunity to thank all believers for their participation in pray, mission trips, finances and supplies etc needed for the spreading of the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. 

An invitation is extended to all believers to continue  in the joyous and rewarding commission of fulfilling the command of the Lord Jesus given to us in Matt 28 v 18 – 20.

Lord bless

Rupert Freese


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