An Awesome God

Oh, what an AWESOME God we serve……

I have always had this saying ‘if a man wants to “toer met my” …meaning…to get me to fall in love with him…..he just needs to be kind to me’

As a ‘strong personality’ woman….
I have always known that it is the loving kindness of the Lord that led me to repentance…..

BUT, this morning I had this AHA moment with the lover of my soul….my Jesus, …..that it is His Gentleness with me …..that has me in the palm of His hand, causing me to WANT TO do His bidding!!!

Oh what a powerful gift He has given me….to be like Jesus….in His Gentleness working through me, to others…..I can ’cause’ others to do His bidding!!!!……what a MIGHTY God we serve!!!!….. and I feel quite ‘mushy’ toward Him in my adoration of Him.

The prayer of my heart is …..May we KNOW His Gentleness in our lives….and have a longing for ‘His empowering’ us to KNOW it in a greater measure….SO THAT he ’empowers us’ to be gentle with ALL those we are encountering….including ourselves….. 


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