Brethren’s Seminar Mozambique February 2013

“Available/want to come with me to Mozambique 20-25 Feb?” read the sms from Rupert. After making arrangements with my family and work, the date was set. Fortunately we could fly from Cape Town to Beira all in one day. Our host for the next 5 days in Chimoio (Johan and Anne Cilliers) fetched us at the airport and first treated us to a lovely supper at a very rustic beach restaurant in Beira.

                                         (Johan, Anne, Danielle, Matthew)

Then we hit the 4 hour journey to Chimoio by car. The bakkie we used was a Toyota double-cab, that I dubbed “The Dodge”, since dodging massive potholes is all it does!

Leaving the 99…

Our day before the seminar started, was an extremely productive one. That Thursday afternoon we had it in our hearts by the Holy Ghost to visit a man called Karlito, who had been deceived by a false ‘pastor’ to see Elias and the missionaries from SA as ‘crooks’. Karlito was one of the brothers in a rural area of Gorongoza. He met the team from SA first in 2006, when he walked a 100km to get to a meeting to hear the word of God. The trip was about 200km from Chimoio to Karlito’s place.

After turning off the tar road onto dirt road for a few kilometers, we turned onto what looked like a rough pedestrian trail. We drove as far as the Dodge would go, parked under a tree, and did the rest of the distance by foot – crossing small rivers, sometimes getting muddy shoes, over a few hills and eventually reached Karlito’s homestead, where a small mud ‘church’ was. I just want to mention that bro Elias’ condition is improving still, and he was able to do this walk with us, with only mild discomfort. Please continue to pray that God will complete the healing work He has begun in Elias’ body.

Now there was no way of contacting Karlito beforehand to make sure we would find him there. We did a 3 hour journey there to rescue a brother and that fellowship, without any guarantee of seeing him. My heart was moved with the love of the brethren for this man, causing them to make such a journey to find that ‘one sheep’ that was lost – only the Great Shepherd can pour such love into men’s hearts!

Arriving at his place, Karlito’s wife and children met us with great joy. We went into the small dark meeting house for prayer and sang a hymn together. Then we waited for about an hour while Karlito was being called. Eventually a small, sweaty, panting man appeared from the fields. His shirt was tattered and drawn out to almost reach his knees, his pants were patched in various places and he had no shoes.

                                         (Karlito, his daughter, and Elias)

Overjoyed to see us, we went into the church to discuss the matter and strengthen the bond of fellowship. After much discussion, and more prayer, the Holy Ghost seemed to win the day and rescue Karlito from the trap of the evil one. With a freshly roasted mielie each, we started walking back with great joy.

                                            (About to walk back – mission accomplished)

Please pray for Karlito and that fellowship in Gorongoza, that the Lord will continue to strengthen them and protect them from savage ‘wolves’ who seek to destroy the work of God.

Seminar in Chimoio

We spent 3 days in Chimoio with leading brethren from all over Mozambique. The Holy Ghost lead us to preach about the ‘New Man’ in Christ, being free and delivered from cultural traditions which obstruct the purpose of God in the Church. The trend of giving men titles and promoting them to ‘positions’ in the Church was addressed.

The grace of God has been given as a gift to every believer in Christ, outworking God’s power in the five gifts of Christ. In this way the work of Christ will go forward. The  superstitions and fears of the Mozambican people were shattered by the Word of God and the Holy Ghost brought a wonderful liberty and joy into the hearts of the people.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to participate in the work He is doing in Mozambique. Our prayer will continue for God to raise up Mozambican men and women after His own heart, who have a vision to care for the flock of God in that country.

Francois Visser

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