Malawi – Mzimba – July 2018

To: Our beloved-Missionaries, (Tonney and Runney) (that is – Tony and René – otherwise, not edited)

From: Brothers and Sisters, Mzimba-Malawi

RE: Vote of thanks and Appreciations

In the first place we would like to thank Jesus Our Lord for allowing us to conduct such a wonderful three days Bible Seminar in Mzimba-Malawi.  We write to express o7ur sincere gratitude/happiness from deep down of our hearts to you brothers for coming and share great insights of God that have been imparted to us, of which is expected to be delivered to the entire community.(Mathews 28 versus 19-20)

Indeed we have shared wonderful lessons that lead some one to Salvation.  We are no longer the same; we have been revived and transformed spiritually.  As Gods’ servants, we have been challenged on the need to carry out the same ministry with different gifts that now we are yielded to winning many lost souls to Christ and uplift Him higher and higher. (Ephesians 4:7)

We do not take your journey of coming here for granted, but it took your sacrificial heart of commitment, resources and Hold Spirit that enabled you to come preach, teach and become our beloved friends in Christ Jesus.  It does not mean that you have resources neither had nothing to do in your country, but it is a manifestation that the Holy Spirit drives you to accomplish His planned work in Mzimba.  We really tank you and give Praises and honour unto God.

40 members from different denominations came and attended to the lessons.  The message obtained from here for sure shall not only benefit us, but also others in our communities we live with and different people in our society across the nation.

May the Holy Spirit continue revealing, impart and bless you with more and more that one day we meet and rejoice together in paradise.

To day as we part in flesh not in spirit, we pray that God grants you the travelling mercies and pass warm and tender greetings to all brothers/sisters, families and everyone in south Africa.  We will be failing our duty if do not acknowledge and recognize the gift of the Laptop provided to us a Christian for truth organization (cft).  The resource given to us shall not only benefit us, but also the entire community at large.  We will keep on praying for you just6 as you will be praying for us.  Once again as you go back to South Africa, carry our greetings to all brethren.

Wishing to seeing you back very soon possible in two or three week’s time.  For we have much joy and comfort in your love, because the hearts of the Saints have been refreshed through you, brothers (Philemon 1:7)

With these few remarks, May our good Lord richly bless you!


Malawi Bible School 2017

Bible School 2017

Bible School week is a much anticipated event with leading men from many regions in Malawi and Western Mozambique attending. It is a time to renew fellowship with believers we haven’t seen in over a year and to make the acquaintance of others who are new to Bible School. This year there were three significant additions to Bible School; Bros John and Lamech who have returned to Malawi, having been in fellowship with the believers in Benoni and Brother Hellings formerly with Operation Mobilisation.

The ministry focused on the need to go on to perfection. The encouragement coming from the account of Israel being led out of the slavery of Egypt into the wilderness with the purpose of entering into the promised Land. Many challenging principles were drawn from this account, including the case of the twelve spies who divided into two groups; two and ten. Joshua and Caleb being men who had another spirit and were ready to go on and possess the land. The ten, filled with fear and unbelief would not go up to possess the land. The Lord challenging us to examine ourselves to see if we are of the ten or of the two.  With the conclusion of Bible School the team travelled north to meet believers that were part of the fellowships associated with Brother Hellings. We were pleased to be introduced to believers in a newly founded fellowship (1 ½ Months old) in the city of Mzuzu. The members of this fellowship were mostly young educated people who could speak English well. The members, men and women participated actively in the meeting and were a wonderful blessing to us.

It was our privilege to meet believers in Kasangu and Rumphi also in association with Brother Hellings before traveling to Karonga where we had an open air meeting under a tree with folk who had been led to the Lord by Bros Fredson and MacNell in January 2017. Our last stop was a town called Chatipa, on the border with Tanzania where the Lord was freely shared and received.

Having made such meaningful contacts with believers in the North, the need for Bible school in this region became evident. The Lord willing as He gives grace, the hope is to run two bible schools concurrently from next year. One held in Blantyre as usual and the other in Mzuzu.

Each mission trip has its own challenges and rewards, the Lord always accomplishing the work He has purposed to do. It is always a great privilege and blessing to be a small part of what Jesus is building and establishing even His Church.

Malawi update

We have just crossed the border back into SA!  Feels great to be back home!

We had a blessed Bible week as we shared with the brethren about the journey from salvation to maturity in Jesus using the example of the Israelites journey from Egypt to the promised land.

God forbid that we take 40 years but that we grow up into Him in all things speedily! There was much encouragement to the brethren to go back to their home Assemblies and take back the message of the two spies, “We are able to possess the land”. Do not join the 10 who saw the good land but said “There are Giants there – we are not able”.  Every assembly is fully equipped with apostles, prophets,evangelists,pastors and teachers!

We travelled about 400 km to a lovely spot on the shores of Lake Malawi for an overnight rest before doing another 400 km the next day to Kazuni – meeting with some believers at Mzuzu along the way. Great to see the enthusiasm as they worshipped the Lord in their very difficult circumstances.

We enjoyed the rustic accommodation at Kazuni and the “Hippo Serenade” through the night.  As the sun rose over the mountains we watched the Impala bouncing along the shores of the Lake.

We were not able to hold the scheduled meeting there as the grandson of the area chief had died and the funeral was taking place. We met and greeted the believers and commended them to the grace of God.

From Kazuni we headed further north through beautiful mountain passes & views to Karonga to follow up on contacts made by Fredson & MacNel.

We had a very blessed open air meeting under a tree and saw people responding to the Word & coming forward for prayer.

The next day we travelled to Chitipa & met with a lovely group of believers there.  God confirmed His Word to them as we shared about committing the Word to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. We are God’s building and labourers together with Him.  The best we will ever be in the church of Jesus Christ is a “labourer” with the King of kings!

With rejoicing hearts and full confidence that the Head of the Church is building His church we turned to start the long journey back to South Africa.

The Believers at Rhumpi

Missionary’s reward!


Malawi Trip 2

After a good night’s sleep and hearty breakfast with Steph and Nadine we were committed to the Lord in prayer for our journey.  With Rene at the wheel, we headed out into the Johannesburg traffic on Wednesday morning.  Our timing was very good and we had a smooth journey all the way through to Pretoria and Polokwane.  A short stop with Josie at his grocery store and we were off to Musina.  The Beit Bridge border crossing went very well and we were on our way again in less than two hours.  Boabab trees dotting the country side flew by as we pressed on to cover as much distance as possible before dark.

The sun went down quite early at around 6:00 pm and we were very grateful to the Lord to arrive at out overnight accommodation at about 8:00 pm.  After a quick supper and a shower we soon fell into a deep sleep.

Thursday morning broke beautifully with a sunrise over Lake Kyle in Zimbabwe as we committed ourselves to the Lord for the remainder of the journey.  What a beautiful country!  We easily understood that it was once known as the bread basket of Africa.  After many kilometres of steady travel we picked up Elias at Tete and crossed the Zambesi river, arriving at the Matura border post at about 6:30 pm.  Once again the Lord was gracious and we had an uneventful border crossing to be welcomed to Malawi by brother John who had been in fellowship at the Rynfield Assembly and only recently returned to Malawi.

A hair raising two hour trip saw us arrive at the mission house in Blantyre at about 8:00 pm.  Exhausted, we were very grateful for a hot shower and a warm bed – ready to meet with the brethren for the Bible School the next day!

Elias, John (recently returned to Malawi from Rynfield Assembly in Benoni) & Tony. The Bible School is at Charimba in Blantyre

Bible School ministry today – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers


Malawi Trip

Rupert, Alex & Tony left Cape Town on Tuesday morning at 4:15. A few short body break  stops and change of driver along the way made the time go very quickly. We arrived in Gauteng (about 1400 Km) just as the sun was setting. We followed Mrs Google maps exactly to the “pin drop” sent to us and soon realised we were in the wrong spot altogether!

A few phone calls later and some “traditional” directions we met Steph Valle at a petrol station. We followed him into what looked like the “grammadoelas” over a single lane steel bridge and arrived at their beautiful home at about 6:30 pm

We were welcomed by Steph & Nadine and fared sumptuously with a lovely meal, a hot shower and a warm bed to sleep in!

What a blessed refreshing along the way to send us on our way the next day.

Further adventures of a missionary (July 2013)

The three of us (Rupert Freese, Peter & Adrie Lord) set off for Malawi on 7th July 2013. We flew from Cape Town to Lilongwe in Malawi. We met the two Malawi brothers – Fredson & Macnel and drove to Kazuni Lake
The cigarette lighter on our vehicle was stuck in its socket so we could not charge our GPS so we had to use it sparingly. As a result we missed the turn to Rumphi and the journey took eight hours instead of six. We arrived at the gate of the park where we were to sleep at nine at night to find the gate locked this time. So instead of going through the gate we drove through the big hole in the fence into the park.
We drove to the area of the staff quarters and honked our horn but there was no movement. It was cold so nobody wanted to get out of bed! Fortunately we knew this time where the chalets were and we could drive straight there. Again no water in the chalets just like the last time.
The next day we went to the CHILOMBO church. We ministered all day about repentance from the dead works, how it is nothing that we can do that brings us to Christ we must just submit to him and let him do the work in our lives.

We were surprised and honoured at the reception that was accorded to Adrie. They were really pleased to see the wife of one of the believers. It was to them as if we were proud of the fellowship there (which we are) and we wanted to bring our wives with us to show the strength and the commitment of our new brothers in Christ. Adrie has put her own impression of the visit in a separate article in the blog. (access the article via this Link)
We returned to the game park at 6 having ministered all day to a church that was packed with eager believers. The  hunger for knowledge the ease with which they received and the wonder on the faces as they get the revelation is a true joy to behold and makes the whole trip worthwhile.
Still no water at the game park. After a strong word two buckets arrived- one for the toilet and one to be used to wash. The luxuries of missionary work!
We ministered at CHILOMBO for two full days to a full church on both days on how repentance of sin will not bring us to salvation. Only a turning away from the world and the acceptance of Christ as our Lord and master will result in us being born again.
After Chilombo we drove for nine hours to MalawiLake where we spent one night in a lodge on the Lake shore before travelling to Blantyre the next day.

In Blantyre we were hosted by the Mc Grath Family in their cottage. What a blessing on the mission trip and a big thank you for their selfless hospitality.
We started ministering at the Blantyre mission church of Chilimbaon Friday morning to 22 of the senior believers from all around Malawi and North West Mozambique. The ministry was to be on repentance from dead works, the ministerial gifts of Christ, and end times.
I wrote this when our ministry was in the planning stage as we arrived at Chilimba. The Holy Spirit had a different idea. We never got on to end times. There was a rift in the local fellowship and a whole day was spent on ministry on problems in a fellowship and how they get sorted out and that there is only strength in unity. We ask all readers of the blog to pray for this rift in the Chilimba fellowship to be healed as it keeps rearing its ugly head.
The believers braved same very cold and unseasonably wet weather for the first two days and listened with rapt attention to the Word that the Lord had for them. We give thanks that the Malawiwork is maturing and that young believers filled with the Holy Spirit are being raised up.
The believers sleep on mats on the dirt floor of the church while they stay there for bible study. The toilet is a long drop. The washing place and urinal are one and the same tiny building next to the long drop. Food is cooked for all 22 people by 3 woman on a fire in open ground. Water is collected in large pots from a tap some 500 meters away.

Most of the believers are subsistence farmers who in worldly terms have nothing. The average income of those present at the bible study is R500/month and they keep their whole family on that!

While they have nothing they have Jesus in their hearts. It begs the question why do the more developed countries who have (compared to them) everything continually bemoan their lot in life and still do not have Jesus in their hearts! We need to be poor in worldly things and rich in the Spirit! 

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A missionary trip to Malawi perceived by a woman, 7-17th July 2013

My first impressions of Malawi was “So many people all milling around along the main road.” Time is of no essence in Malawi – no competition or pushing for our patronage as we stopped at different street vendors to buy supplies.

Rupert showed a side of his character that I doubt many know about – he loves to drive at exceedingly high speeds over treacherous terrain – must be his chance to relive his youth. By the grace of our Lord we arrived safely at Lake Kazuni. 

Rustic is an understatement to describe the accommodation with no water, electricity or candles. Wind was howling through gaps in the reeds and open hole windows. Further, with the constant sifting of fine debris from the equally shabby grass roof, not much sleep was enjoyed. Must say the sounds of hippos; almost all through the night right next to our rondaval; made up for the lack in the accommodation.

Meeting the fellowship at Kazuni and seeing the church the built was an experience. We counted 85 children under the age of 10. ± 8-10 children per family. We were so warmly welcomed and their singing to the Lord was wonderful. Our meals consisted of goat meat and rice which was served in the leader’s house (two rooms) with chickens happily hatching eggs in the corner.

They asked about Alex and François and told us they have arranged a wife for Alex Peter and Rupert taught on repentance from dead works and I so enjoyed watching how through acting and repetitive teaching over a period of two days the understanding seemed to come. 

The woman each have a baby in arms and a toddler at their side so how much they receive of God’s word is questionable. Everyone at the meeting  ±120 people got fed in order of rank. The Azungus (white people) first as honoured guests and children last.

On our way to Blantyre we overnight at a place at Lake Malawi, Palm Springs resort. Fredson and Macnell said they thought they had arrived in heaven that evening, as we enjoyed a good hearty western home-cooked meal. I am sure the running hot water, electricity, decent beds and a room sheltered from the cold night air contributed to their remark. The next day we left for Blantyre…again, the challenge to avoid potholes, dogs, goats, pedestrians and other livestock. Rupert’s driving skills are really one to be admired by even a Formula 1 driver. Through the Lords protection, the only life along the road that was lost was that of a single chicken.

In Blantyre the church building has just been completed with a brand new roof in place. Words cannot explain the condition of even the road leading into the township to the church. If Sam (owner of the car rental company) had not upgraded Rupert to a 4×4 (free of charge) I do not know how we would have managed. Again, the Lord undertook for his children doing his work.

During the four days of Bible School it was as if I was in the time of Paul writing to the Corinthians. The same issues had to be addressed. Men elevating themselves, selfishness, family conflict and splitting the fellowship into two camps. On the fourth day the Holy Spirit took over. Men were breaking down and the Lord’s love for a contrite heart and broken spirit came shining forth.

Surely it can only be the love of Christ that constraineth men to carry out His work. 11 Corinthians 5v14 and 15: And henceforth no longer live unto themselves, but unto Him which died for them and rose again. 

Please sisters in Christ these men need all our support and constant prayers. 
Your sister in Christ

Adrie Lord

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Malawi Bible School July 2012

Brethren from all over Malawiand a contingent from Mozambiquegathered together for the very first Malawi Bible School, held over 5 days in a hall the brethren had built themselves. The concept and vision for this Bible School originated in the hearts of the Malawibelievers and found expression as they labored together to acquire and clear the land, fashion and fire the bricks and ultimately erect the building. Proof of this shared vision was evident as brethren traveled great distances at their own cost to be a part of what God is doing in Malawi.

The Bible School’s objective is to gather in one place at one time as many of the brethren who have a care for the work as is possible. Teaching them in a more structured fashion, allowing for greater depth in terms of doctrine with discussion and input from the students. These brethren will then take what they have learned and preach and teach the same in their villages and outreaches.
To help this process and to more fully reinforce the doctrine a laptop computer was presented to the brethren. The computer contained the video recordings of the 5 days of ministry, a years worth of True Light Course and over 520 hours of ministry audio files.
This we pray will become a powerful tool as brethren avail themselves of the opportunity to hear and share this wealth of teaching.
We praise God for the stability He has brought to the Malawi work and the brethren He is raising to care for His sheep. There are a number of young brethren who show great promise and are gripped with the same vision and have committed themselves to the work.
The Lord Jesus is building His Church and has offered us the inconceivable privilege to become a part of His great purpose as fellow laborers with Him!

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