Namibia – Swakopmund – July 2018

We had a wonderful meeting last night in Ritz and Wilma’s home, some 11 people attending.

Jesus is willing to “wink at our times of ignorance (Acts17:30), but now calls all men to Repentance and Faith in Christ alone. To grow and become grounded in the truth. This morning at 08h00 we will minister to a group of workers at the horse stables where Pieter (Olga’s husband) has a weekly bible study at this time. Then returning to Ritz’ house we will have some 4 meetings more with the group of believers. There are wonderful signs of growth, Jesus building His church and we all are labourers together with Him. Pray for us!

Francois and Peter.

Namibia Outreach – Swakopmund


Romans 1 verse 16 – 20

‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the POWER of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth: to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.  For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith:  it is written, the just shall live by Faith.  For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness because that which may be known of God is manifest in them: for God hath shewed it unto them for the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His ETERNAL POWER and Godhead; so that they are without excuse’

The creation declares the Living God:-

Throughout this beautiful country Namibia, one witnesses what a creative and mighty God we serve.  From nothing – God created the universe – through His spoken Word.  From the dust of the earth – God formed the first man – Adam.  From heaven – God sent His son Jesus Christ (the Word) to the world to save mankind

Our first visit to Namibia was 18 Months ago when Mark Van Heusden, Rupert and myself went on a 5 day holiday. In Swakopmund we enjoyed a lunch with Pieter and Olga.  Olga fellowshipped in Montague Gardens, Cape Town and later married Pieter who is from Namibia. They expressed their desire to receive the Word, if possible, on an ongoing basis.   A door was opened.

Two months later Rupert and Francois flew to Namibia.  Pieter and Olga were instruments in the Lord’s hands to gather people together.  Every 6 – 8 weeks 2 brethren would fly to Namibia to share the Word of God.  The group grew but sadly many left due to doctrinal beliefs, especially on the doctrine of baptisms.

The remaining people continued to gather together and on Sundays they enjoy the opportunity to join the Durbanville Fellowship from Cape Town via ‘click meetings’

This year a wonderful opportunity opened for Rupert and I to go to Namibia for a month to gather together with the believers.  Our desire too was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We rejoiced that when we crossed the border into Namibia it was raining. Rain in the desert is scare with an annual rainfall of 80mm.  The country has been in a drought for the last 5 years causing the farmers much distress.  From time to time, throughout our one month mission trip, rain fell.  This was a great blessing to witness rain in the desert.  The Augrabies waterfall, which flows from the Orange River, was gushing with water.   A Namibian told us that the cascading of this waterfall is not often seen.

In Swakopmund we settled into our little self-catering place that was to be called home for 17 nights.

Eagerly we joined with the little fellowship.  Each time we gathered together around God’s word we witnessed the growth in their love for the Lord and His Word.   The evidence too was that we came together many more times than was previously arranged.

A believer asked us to visit a lady who had given her life to Christ but had been struggling spiritually for years.  On meeting with her we were aware that she was spiritually confused and had no direction.  We shared with her the need for a foundation in her life (1st Principles of the doctrine of Christ – Hebrews 6 vs 1 – 3).   The Lord would build upon this solid foundation.  She wrote many notes and was so grateful for the Word of Truth. When we arrived at the next meeting we were delighted to see this lady and her husband. They were both rejoicing and together had started studying the First Principles notes which we had given her.   John 8 vs 32/36 – ‘When you know the truth, the truth will make you free.’

Another wonderful door the Lord opened was at a horse stable, just outside Swakopmund.  Olga arranged with the owner Kathrin for the Gospel to be preached to all her staff.  Three mornings a week we would gather together to share with Kathrin and these precious folk.  They were hungry for the truth and listened attentively to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One man said ‘but this is a western belief’.  We explained that there is only one saviour, Jesus Christ whom the Living God sent for the whole world.  A Christian friend of Kathrin joined us on one of the mornings. She was so delighted and having made notes said “I am going to share this at the prison”.

Jerry, a lovely man who is the manager of an upmarket art/curio shop who we had met 18 months ago was eager to hear about the God of the Bible. Twice Jerry came to our little home. Once for breakfast and again for supper.   His wife opposed the spiritual input into Jerry’s life as it would interfere with their beliefs. He always yearned to know the truth about God and knew this opportunity was an answer to the searching of his heart.   As yet he has not made a commitment to Christ as he is ‘counting the cost’.

Rupert and I traveled many miles.   We rejoiced and were thankful that the Lord had been with us and had kept His hand upon us in every way.

People everywhere need the Lord and His truth.

Praise the Lord for the open doors into Namibia.

It’s beginning to rain……………..

Barbara Freese (Southfield Assembly)