Christ as Life

At Southfield, we have been challenged to consider ‘Christ as Life’, and how He is living His Life through us.

With that in mind, I am writing a quote from G.H. Knight that I read this morning…..

“What joy it gives, and strength
 too, to begin each day by feeling, ‘On this day once again I am to live simply as a servant of Jesus Christ: His will and not my own will is to sway me every hour’
…’A servant of Jesus Christ!’…then I dare not be the servant of sin; I must be holy as my Master is holy.
…’A servant of Jesus Christ!’…then I will not be the servant of men: the maxims (the governing principles) of this will not rule me; I will not take my cue from the world; I am under orders only to my Master in heaven.
…A servant of Jesus Christ!’…then I must be the servant of men, to help them, to comfort them, and to stoop  to the lowest of them in their behalf as my Master did.
…A servant of Jesus Christ!’…then, if His servant anywhere, I must be His servant everywhere; in all society with men I must never forget my servanthood to Him: I must show myself His servant openly as well as confess it secretly.
…A servant of Jesus Christ!’…then, if I want to know Him, to walk as He walked, to plant my feet in His footprints. As the eye of servants look unto the hand of their masters, to see how their work should be done, and copy what they see, so my eyes “must wait upon The Lord.”  If His service is sometimes difficult, I must not complain: He may use me as He wills, and at the end of all I will be more than satisfied if I only hear Him say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of The Lord’ “

May the Lord Jesus Christ enable us to be all of the above, is my prayer in Jesus name. Jean.

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