Easter Weekend in Mozambique


On 28 to 30 April, we went to visit Gorongosa fellowships in Sofala province. We left Chimoio at 2:30 p.m. on Friday 28 April to Gorongosa district, riding motorbike 168 km and arrived at Chitunga where is one of our fellowship around 6:00 p.m. our journey was so awesome under God’s protection. We had to overnight at brother Ernesto house and the following day we left Chitunga to Nhamu were three fellowships came together in our meeting.


God was so precious to us, rejoicing in God’s Word. Brother Geraldo who came along with me shared the Word from Psalms 118:8-9, where he encouraged all believers that “we need to trust the Lord Jesus Christ rather any thing in this world”. Praise God for the Word, because it was the confirmation what was in my heart to share among the believers, because we are having people also around community coming and preaching prosperity gospel rather than Jesus Christ in people life.


God has been so gracious to us even at our breaking of bread on Sunday 30, everyone were participating in share the Word around the table giving us the picture how Jesus church need to do when we come together.


The following day on 1 May we left Nhamu wanted to travel to Nhamapadza but in our own way our tyre got big punch damaged the tube. Was fixed after 2 hours with local people who fix bicycles on roads but for us to go furthermore with this problem it was not so safe we had to come back home Chimoio slowly till we got home late. Praise God to keep us safe all along way and for us it was miracle because we didn’t expect to made it but by faith God made it!

Our prayer request: pray for us that the truth of God’s word to be shared among believers in Mozambique as we go around in our fellowship. God bless.   Elias

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