Family Camp Testimony

What a lovely time I had at the camp with my darling family Pat and Chris! 

There were so many highlights but I think for me, it was when Chris spoke of his grandson, Josh sitting on his lap and telling him that he, Josh, loved Chris’s smell….and how we as God’s children can love God’s smell and that we can radiate His fragrance…..

Chris’s face took on a softness and sweetness when he told the story. What joy to bring that look from God when He talks about me!!!
Jean Cass.

Yet another weekend filled with the presence and power of God’s word!
A timely message imparting and unfolding the ministry of reconciliation. Being brought back into Jesus Christ – drinking from Him and being saturated with His Spirit of love and reconciliation, melting us into a unified force with God.

Not as a loose agent, but people of purpose and direction – bringing God and man together. Having a real experience of Him, we have shared the incredible joy that the abundant life in Christ offers us!.
Thanking all who contributed in bringing the Word of God in a simplistic, but powerful way!

Lord bless.
Annatjie Marais

I must admit that I have never been together with such a group of anointed men and all such gifted speakers.  It made me feel safe and in Gods order and plan. Just the fact that each speaker blessed us so and each subject just seemed to build on the last message…amazing!
I have never experienced the presence of God as I did at our last communion together – I was truly blessed.
Thank you one and all for including me so readily into your family and for the loving atmosphere that each person contributed to – and lastly (and definitely not the least important!!) thank you for the most amazing meals we enjoyed.  Food fit for royalty!  Many thanks, and blessings to all those involved with the organization that went into making the camp such a life experience!
Stevie van Niekerk

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