Ladies Camp June 2013

Dear all, and fellow campers,
It is so good when strangers become aquaintances; and aquaintances become friends and friends become family!  Yes all together,  family of our Father God and Saviour.
On thinking back over the week-end, the words of a well known song kept coming to mind;
                                “The things of earth will grow strangely dim
                                  in the Light of His Glory and Grace”!!!!
Rain was pouring down outside, and I am sure not one of us was conscious of the outside elements.
                                We received food for our souls
                                We received food for our bodies (yummy)
                                …and food for thought.
What a joyous gathering where all the women (and three men!) were one in voice and one in focus.
We were made to worship You oh Lord my God! When we were singing and were surrounded by those wonderfull voices, it just spoke to my spirit and I just knew that God was receiving our sacrifice of praise – thank You, thank You Lord!
Thank You for tongues of promise & worship!
Thank You for interpretations of encouragement to be bold!
Thank You for the enthusiasm of brave leaders
Thank You for fellowship after the meetings and thank You for your precious Presence!
Much love in Christ
Stevie  –  Langebaan.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
A heartfelt thanks to the oversight of Coastal Assemblies for affording the ladies another opportunity to gather together under the sound of God’s Word. Throughout the cold and wet weekend, our hearts were warmly knitted together in love, expectation and the immeasureable joy of worshipping our Heavenly Father!  As always, the Lord served us with much – imparting new insights to His ways, His purpose and His desire for us to fullfill our calling according to the measure of Christ in us. Reflecting on the teachings and especially on the encouragement and assurances given through the interpretation of tongues, our hearts were comforted in knowing, that through Him, we are worthy!  
The outworking of the spiritual gifts, once again showed, that when we draw nigh to God, He will draw nigh to us!  As the rain was cleansing and refreshing the earth and preparing the soil for the coming season, the Holy Spirit came to prepare the women in the body with a fresh Word for a new season – to be bold, getting out of the boat – taking the liberty to fullfill our calling in the Church, that His will be done and that none shall perish. Please guide us Lord!
Thank you to Rupert, Alex and Francois for being willing and equipped by the Spirit of God to share the treasures of divine wisdom and insights into the ways and purposes of God. 
A special thanks to Tim, Cathy and the children for amazing meals and treats throughout the week end – much appreciated and enjoyed!
“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love”. Song of Solomon, 2:4
In Him.
Annatjie – Langebaan

What a blessed weekend with the Cape Town sisters in Christ Jesus at the Ladies Camp in De Hollandsche Mollen. We were greatly encouraged to take our rightful place in the church meetings.
Many thanks to Rupert, Alex and Francois who ministered to us in Word and music.  The food made by Tim and Cathy was excellent, many thanks – and to whoever else assisted, thanks.
Beverley, Janene and Danielle.

Yes, that is snow!

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