Mission Report 3 – April 2018

When Rupert asked me to join the trip to Malawi it was a total bombshell to me as we were busy with homeowners affairs on the estate and had just set the date for our estate AGM and so I called our chair lady who changed the date and insisted I must go as Gods work comes first . Please pray for Debbie as she is on treatment for cancer and the prognosis is bad and she is unsaved.
The day  we left I was stressing with unresolved problems and that night the Lord gave me total peace about it and we were able to concentrate on the trip and the ministry of the word and even on the one day I was ill was still able to minister the love of the Lord Jesus to the folk .
When you share the word of the Lord Jesus you always receive more than you give and we were blessed meeting the folk and hearing the singing and seeing the love of the Lord Jesus shining through them .When we arrived back at our base and compared what each team had shared that day the theme was the same and the Holy Spirit was moving and we were powerfully aware of it .
The Lord kept his hand on us on the long and dangerous roads and brought us home safely .
Please continue to pray for the folk in Mozambique and Malawi and especially Brother Elias with his painful back as we have promised to do and who received us joyfully and fed us bountifully with lots of good food [mostly mealie pap]
The border crossings were easy and at the one in Beit bridge we were taken to the front of the queue and were soon on the road again and we thank the Lord for his hand on us through the whole trip
Roland Holst   Southfield Assembly

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