Mozambique – Outreach and Building

Report back on Outreach Activities in Mozambique.

This year 2018 was blessed year when God spiritual brought us to deep understand in His Will through His Son Jesus Christ. John 6:39,40.
We believe that when Jesus spoke in his word Mathew 7:21 – 28 that “The Will of his Father” requires us to be hearing and do Jesus sayings, because Jesus is the only one and author of our faith.
Since we have applied Christ Jesus’ principles in His Word as the Head of the Body (Church), we have seen believers coming as true members of His Body added with such spiritual understand.
Our prayers is to reach more and more understanding in three major groups of people, that the revelation of God’s word come to full in hearts of; youth, women and men in our fellowships here in Mozambique.
This year 2018, we just planned in our prayers that the only way how to reach groups of these people was to bring true teaching of God’s word in some events as Youth camp, women meeting and Bible study, where God’s word will be exposed as our spiritual life and food. And by doing that God was so gracious to us in Mozambique to see many times in such events, people to rejoice in God’s Word even giving their life to Christ Jesus. In two first events, youth camp and women meeting, we were amazed, how great was God using young men and women sharing from heart with confidence that Jesus is the source of God’s word in our daily life.

Youth Camp at Nhamu Fellowship in Gorongoza


Women’s Meeting Chimoio

Bible Study at Biarro 5 Fellowship

Our recently bible study at Bairro 5 fellowship, God through His Word challenged us that “if we are in Christ Jesus, and Christ in us” we have received a gift by grace and each member is called to exercise God’s gift for Christ’s glory in His Body. Ephesus 4:7-12.
Praise God for such teaching from God’s word which came to fulfill in our hearts the joy that we are stewards of God’s mystery. We are praying for God to reach us in full understand and to be the doers of God’s living Word which is Jesus Christ.

Building Project at Bairro 5


Please, please, pray for us for our building construction at Bairro 5, as we ask the Lord to provide us with funds to finish it by next year June 2019. By God’s grace is in our hearts that building is going to be training place and accommodation will be needed in yard also for the brethren who will come to be taught during one week. God bless you

By Elias Ernesto Paulo Jorge.

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