Prayer For Elias

The Lord has been doing a mighty work in Mozambique; establishing believers on that one True Foundation even the Rock Christ Jesus, bringing unity and a shared vision among the brethren in the region. Brother Elias is instrumental in all the Lord is doing and travels vast distances to visit the various fellowships, not sparing himself in the work of the Lord.
Those who have traveled through Mozambique will know that there are many hazards, stray animals, pedestrians and dangerous drivers to name but a few. While en-route from Chimoio where he lives to Lichinga in the north to visit fellowships in that area, Elias was involved in a serious road accident. Early reports suggest that the vehicle Elias was traveling in narrowly avoided a head-on collision with another vehicle traveling at high speed toward them on the wrong side of the road.
The driver of the vehicle Elias was in swerved to avoid the collision, taking his vehicle off-road where it rolled a number of times throwing Elias clear of the wreckage. The first bits of news we received indicated that Elias had sustained some very serious injuries including multiple fractures, a head wound and that he had lost a great deal of blood.
It is with thanks to God that Elias and those with him where spared and miraculously a friend of the driver came upon the scene a little while later and recognizing the car was able to render assistance. Without such prompt intervention Elias could have bled to death on the side of the road waiting for help.
Last reports have revealed that Elias lost a lot of blood, dislocated and tore ligaments in his shoulder, suffered a head wound and a broken or crushed vertebra in his back. The most worrying injury is the damaged vertebra which has rendered Elias immobile for the time being. It appears likely that Elias will need a specialist depending on the severity of the injury.

Please pray for Elias and his family. Pray for his healing and speedy recovery, pray for means to assist this brother no matter what may be required and pray for the work and believers in Mozambique who will feel most keenly this attempt by the wicked one to undermine their faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus. The Lord is building His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it but as this incident so clearly proves it does not stop the enemy from trying!
As and when more information becomes available we will post it to the Blog.
Thank you Gerrit for the pictures of Elias.

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