Langebaan Fathers Day


For 18 years I considered myself as a son, a son who had a father who cared and provided for me. My dad had the strength to discipline me in love and taught me the truth that actions have consequences and not only that, but to take responsibility for my actions. He showed me the joy of sitting as a family and chatting on their bed at night and then getting to all pray together kneeling around the bed.

He also taught me to be strong and the reality of life and how to make choices that will define me as a man. We fixed cars together and it taught me to be patient because, no matter the job, it somehow always took a whole day. To make a plan to fix things when I happened to break a bolt head off by accident. He taught me from his experience in sharing what kind of women I should look for, I can still remember it so clearly, and it was so simple – all he said was that I must find a women that is content. Only now do I look back and see the great wisdom in his words.

He taught me to value wisdom and where to find wisdom and how the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. He showed me the gift of a Godly father and what it means to be a Godly husband. This does not mean he was perfect but it means he showed me how in his weakness God was strong, when he fell – how to repent and where his confidence is and that was in our Lord and Saviour and the truth the Bible. His life to me was the greatest testimony that his faith was real. He taught me what is truly valuable and how sometimes these precious things will require sacrifice but the reward will be more than we can imagine. 

But I am not just a son anymore, it is my privilege to be a father now. I have been gifted by God to have a wife and from that union he has given us the beautiful fruit of children. And to this end I want each father to know that this is a blessed way. God has given each one of us the opportunity to be in our children’s lives. God has given us something that is truly good. Now my dad was purposeful in some of the things he taught me but in others not.  It was just him living his life day by day, sharing his joys and his hardships and protecting us at his expense. And that is why I am excited to be a dad because this is a gift and a joy, it is adding so much to my life and I am grateful that God has given this opportunity.

So as a Father I would like to stir us up to remember our calling and to invest in the gifts God has given us. Let us lead our family and fight for them, let us be purposeful in sharing what God has done in our lives and equip our families for the work ahead of us.

To all the fathers out there thank you – and as a son, you will never know how grateful we are for all that you have done. We are your legacy in this world and may we all be good and faithful servants to our Saviour and King.