Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

Jesus asked Martha: “Do you believe”? The apostles “believed NOT” when the women told them of the resurrection of Jesus. Paul tell us to “Believe – Receive – Stand” in the Gospel whereby we are saved!

Langebaan Bible Study 14 April 2019

The woman that Jesus met at the well had a testimony that was “fresh”, “personal” and “relevant”! She left her water pot – that was very important to her – to run and tell everyone!

Langebaan Bible Study 6 Jan 2019

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The incredible growth of the early church without any formal planning or structures as God adds to the church daily such as should be saved

Seeing? Blind or Unsighted?

The blind man asked “That I might see”.  Zaccheus climbed a tree to be able to see.  Jesus sees you and says “I must stay at your house today.