Swakopmund 6 to 8 July 2018

Report:  Swakopmund weekend 6 to 8 July 2018

Always when we go onwards to visit and minister to a place, there is a unknown in our minds. We wonder how are things going, what state of mind the people are in, if they are growing in Christ or if a repeat of doctrine is needed?

We enquire of the Lord beforehand to prepare our hearts and that He will speak His heart and mind to the people through us.

This weekend was no exception. There was the unknown, we did prepare our hearts and we were blessed by what we found.

People still yearning to grow in the word of God and eager to listen with an open heart and mind.


As always the hospitality of the people in Swakopmund, and for this weekend Ritz and Wilma was beautiful. They received ya with a friendliness and readiness to serve our physical needs. Wilma is especially excellent in hosting folk and warmed our hearts (and bellies ????)

The ministry over the weekend was clear. Keep building on our solid Rock, Jesus Christ, keep searching His scriptures and continue towards perfection. Loads of teaching was also done on being filled with the Holy Spirit to be witnesses in Swakopmund and beyond. Sunday ministry included teaching on the family, husband and wife relationship and roles, children to obey their parents and how Jesus is the head of this structure.

Saturday we visited Okakwamba horse stables and were blessed indeed. About 10 workers and some of their wives with kids, including the owner Katrin attended and the gospel of Christ was preached with boldness and love. Folk responded well with even prayers from their side at the end. Pieter that is part of the fellowship there will continue sharing on Saturday and we pray the Holy Spirit to work through him mightily.

Still loads of growth is needed in Swakopmund but there is progress and we praise God for what He is doing in Swakopmund.

We ended off together with prayer and left with a yearning to go back, to help, to encourage and to love.

We pray the folk to continue steadfastly serving and seeking God.

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