Visit to Mozambique and Malawi

Friday the 29th of March we have just passed through the Zimbabwe, Mozambique border post. The Lord has truly seen favour on the team. We have had no issues thus far and give God thanks and praise HIS name for that. We are now on our way to Chimoio to sleep over at Johan and Ann. Please continue praying for us as we continue with the Lord’s work.

This is the Masica fellowship who are meeting in this temporary structure after the flood destroyed the previous building.

Monday the 1st of April We had a blessed meeting yesterday at Birro Cinco( David, Jaco and Caril) and Rupert and Elias were at the Masica fellowship. With all the distractions around us caused by the cyclone, including the loud music from the neighbouring people at Birro Cinco, the Holy Ghost was not held back at all. The Lord Jesus had a message for the folk to receive and each brother preached their hearts out like there was no tomorrow. Men and woman’s face lit up as the message was delivered and they received each Word with recieving, open hearts. We give God ALL the glory and we praise his glorious name. Please continue to pray for us today as we head out again into the field to do the work of the Lord. We are on our way to Nyamaphanza.

The Ministry team on our way to Gorongoza

Some of the pictures of how the buildings have been destroyed by the Cyclone:

Some nights are easier than others. One specific evening we had some ants but thank the Lord we have a stretcher and mosquito nets

Some ants 🙂
Nhamapadza fellowship affected by the strong winds

8 April 2019:

Hello all. We have just arrived back in Mozambique (Johan and Ann). We had such an easy drive on the road and had WONDERFUL fellowship in the chariot.We had a wonderful time in Malawi. The Lords hand is at work, truly. We had special time spent with all the believers and it was wonderful to see the folk receive the message and even more special to see the folk respond to the promoting of the Holy Ghost. We praise the name of the Lord and glorify the Father in heaven.
Thanks again to all the prayers and support.
Please continue to pray for us as we continue our journey back home.
Lord bless to all.

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