Western Cape Ladies Tea

Western Cape Ladies Tea

Just to say Thank you

Today IS special for us as women, to sit together and have a cup of tea ….. And of course all the yummy things we can enjoy.
But sometimes it is good just to sit all on our own somewhere, some place, with a cup of tea or coffee and think …. Think about the things of God.
I would like to share about what is written in Job
In Job 4 vs 17 &19 we read – “shall mortal man be more JUST than God? Shall a man be more PURE than his maker? Can God trust man who dwells in houses of clay, and whose foundation is in the dust” We stop and ponder – God made US of clay and a foundation which is IN the dust!! Dust and Clay!!!!
What if we as woman had been able to advise God in how to make us?? We would never have been happy to be made of clay. Clay can crack and break toooo easily. A foundation of the dust – definitely not. Dust can settle but if blown disperses all over the place. Everything speaks of feeling and being insecure – Especially for us as women.
Perhaps if we as women had any say with what God made us of – we would say to God ‘What about something beautiful? We will always take delight in looking into jewellery shop windows. What about making us with gold, silver or precious stones? Look at the flowers they are all different colours. Oh yes God, what about each one being made of our birth stone – Ruby, amethyst, topaz to name a few. And it being the month of September – well – that would mean some sitting here would be Sapphire.
BUT God chose without our help – to give us clay bodies. For a covering over our skeleton He chose different earthy colours. Brown, white, coloured. Not pink for girls and blue for boys!!! My grandchildren tell me that white children are called peach not white. I am learning!!!!

God from the beginning is interested in the heart. Even in Adam and Eve’s heart. He is interested in the heart of a woman – your heart and mine. He is interested in the inside. Our Spirit, our soul and our mind.
God works with us from within us.
GOD makes a person a new creation of anyone who wills to believe on His Son, Jesus Christ.
God tells us in His word that we ARE a new creation when we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour – the one who died for our sins on the cross of Calvary.
Our clay bodies become His temple where Jesus, The Living God dwells.
Our foundation within is a rock that cannot be moved or blown away. Christ is our new foundation. With His principles which is His doctrine.
He works with us from inside of us which then has an outworking in our daily lives. Now the Gold, silver and precious stones will begin to be built within our lives.
Even as a new creation we can battle with our soul which then affects our minds and our relationship with others and sometimes even with the Lord.
Perhaps today you are battling with a husband, a child, a parent or a friend. Go to the Lord and tell Him all about your difficulty and then ……. say thank you to the Lord – for your husband, your child, your parent or your friend.
God has reserved a place in your heart that no husband, no child, no parent, no friend, no earthly possession can fill. That place God has reserved for himself. Only Jesus can fill.
In closing – in Philippians 3: 20 & 21 our conversation is of heaven; we look to the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ Who shall change our VILE BODY, that is may be fashioned like unto His glorious body.
We as women can say Thank you Lord for YOUR very own perfect plan. We are the Bride of Christ. A new creation.

Barbara Freese

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