True Word

About God

We believe in one tri-une God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

About Jesus

We believe Jesus is the only begotten Son of God.  Very God of very God and very man of very man.  Born of the virgin Mary, lived and preached in Israel, died on a cross in Jerusalem at the place called Calvary or Golgotha and rose again from the dead on the third day.  He ascended back to heaven and is seated on the right hand of the Father – waiting till the last enemy, death, will be conquered by the resurrection of the saints.  He is the head of the church which the “Body of Christ” – the fullness of Him who fills all in all.

About Man

The first man – Adam – is of the earth, created by God on day six of creation when God breathed into his body the breath of life and he became a living soul.  He was put out of the garden of Eden (together with his wife Eve) because of sin.  All mankind now bears the curse placed upon Adam and have come short of the glory of God.

About Salvation

There is one name given under heaven whereby we may be saved – Jesus.  The death of Jesus Christ is the one sacrifice for sin for ever which brings salvation to them that believe on Him, receive the free gift of salvation from Him and stand in Him by faith.  Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God.

The Church

The church consists of all born again believers.  Those who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour – called to be His disciples.  The practical manifestation of the church is found in the gathering together of the disciples of Jesus in a practical location such as the church in Ephesus, Corinth, Jerusalem etc.   Disciples in local churches are cared for and watched over by elders (overseers).