Western Cape Ladies’ Camp 18 – 20 May 2012, De Hollandse Meulen, Paarl

We, the Western Capeladies, gathered from various areas, want with one loud voice of praise, to give honour and glory to God Almighty, the Creator of the Way, the Author of the Truth and the Evidence of the Life for a wonderful weekend away (who cares if it was cold and rainy!). 

Praises too ring to God for the vessels used over the weekend, Peter Hawyes (and Mary) and Rupert Freese (and Barbara). We thank God too for the lovely spirit of readiness and openness in each lady’s heart!
What a privilege –  in a world, where women either raise themselves up, are exploited for their bodies and looks, are abused by men or have no rights and worth – to hear from the heart of God regarding His thoughts and plans for women!  “He has made everything beautiful in His time” – the verse at the beginning of the weekend to catch our interest.
And catch our interest….. thatthe Lord did by the power of His Word and the truth contained in it. There were moments of wonder and relief as it was confirmed in our hearts that God has a plan and purpose for this world, through the ages unfolding His preparing of us for Eternity – either in Heaven or hell! 

How we delighted in the knowledge that what He does has order and a pattern! There were moments when we were alert, hearing of Lucifer’s clever plan to deceive us, but God’s way out – a wisdom from His heart.
There were moments of quiet as in our spirits we understood that submission is the key! Submitting ourselves to men, to our husbands, to the oversight, to the ministries brought by the brethren is submitting to God’s order and authority, yielding our will to His – yet yielding not only our will to Him, but also our bodies and our minds. How we rejoiced as again we were encouraged that it is the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus that lives in us and enables us!
Excitement filled our hearts as we understood that we are the Bride of Christ, being prepared for our wonderful Bridegroom in the Body of Christ! We heard how this Body, the Church, is part of the power structure of God against which the gated of hell shall not prevail!
And then there were moments of humility as we realized our privilege of speaking, speaking as helpmeets, speaking to establish, nurture and confirm that seed of the Word of God! We truly rejoiced in God’s purpose for us as women!

We had wonderful times of praise and worship, we had many a good laugh and times of fellowship. We enjoyed being well fed in the flesh (a big thank you, Tim and Kathy) and though the weekend is sadly over, we trust God to keep each word alive in our hearts!
Western Cape Ladies.

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