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Hi Everyone and the Lord bless you All richly in Christ Jesus!

It is always a wonderful privilege for us believers to be involved in the work of the Lord Jesus in whatever He has given us to do.  “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not vain in the Lord.” 1 Cor 15 v 58

Unfortunately, due to work pressures amongst other things, Bruce Munro from KZN was not able to join us and so we were 4 team members and not 5 as we had hoped. (Caril & Rupert from Cape Town and Jaco & David from Free State).  Our round trip was +/- 8500km of which 7500km (94hours) were spent in the vehicle together.  Many hours went by in fellowshipping around God’s Word and encouraging one another to press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

This April trip to Mozambique and Malawi, with all it’s additional challenges due to the recent floods, was a especial blessing!  With great joy and gratitude the teams were received at the 12 fellowships we were able to visited. 

We  encourage many folk to keep their eyes fixed on our Lord Jesus during these difficult times they are enduring.  Also, due to the open hearts and generosity of believers we were able to assist many of the most flood affected believers with clothes (value round R4000.00), water purification sachets (approx. one million litres)  and cash (amount R21 400.00) Thanks be to the Lord our God!!! 

The team would like to express grateful thanks to God our Father and to everyone for your participation in making this trip possible, especially for upholding us before the Lord in prayer. 

Lord bless!!

Jaco, Caril, David & Rupert


Mozambique/Malawi trip 2019 took place from the 27March and we returned back home on the 11th April.

Greetings and good tidings to both all the brothers and sisters in  our marvelous Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the only God.

A powerful cyclone along with terrentual rain, wind speeds of around 209km p/he, mud slides,washed away roads and bridges, collapsed houses, missing people, people who had died, no electricity, no communication, no fuel, no more crops, no fresh water infact a picture of disaster was painted back here at home.

This spoke of a “field” that was ready for harvest, but was now surely ruined by nature (speaking in spiritual terms now). We were truly facing a” mountain” in front of us and we were unsure of whether the trip would even go ahead.

Mathew17:20 comes to mind and it was only by faith that we put our hands to the plough and proceeded forward into the Grace of God, because after all it was only by God’s Grace that the trip went ahead.

It’s in times like this where uncertainty and turmoil fill our hearts with doubt and we question God’s plan. But the ever faithful Father in Heaven steps in and reveals to us his way by encouraging, reassuring and confirming through the Holy Ghost that it’s He who is in control here, not man or man’s ways.

In Mozambique we saw most of the aftermath caused by the cyclone. The churches in Chimoi and Gorongoza district received us with open hearts as they always have, even with what had happened around them.

The folk here we’re longing to hear of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost was ever faithful and moved freely amongst the folk, convicting men and women of sin, righteousness and judgement.

Before we knew it we were heading towards Blantyre, Malawi. We split into our teams again, which were Team A : Rupert and Elias

  Team B : David, Jaco and Caril.

We truly had an  awesome time preaching our hearts out , proclaiming the Lord Jesus and salvation through him. Every opportunity we saw , we grabbed it with both hands and gave it our all.

Folks eyes lit up as we preached on repentance from dead works and faith towards God.

Most sessions ended with half an hour to and hours time of questions and answers, this was promoted by brother Jaco.

Once questions were asked, we could see how hearts were being revealed and in the answering of the questions the Holy Ghost led men and woman to the truth.

Minds were changed , hearts were softened and lives changed all through revelation of who Christ is and understanding what he had done for each and every person who has walked the earth. Folk came to understand that it’s only through Christ and him alone that we receive salvation and life eternal.

After four days of travelling and eight days of intense preaching , we were poked and admittedly ready to come back home.

We look forward to next year again where we can be United once again as brothers in Christ and excited to see growth and fruit that would have taken place amongst our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Lord bless to all.

Caril de Beer

A testimony of the Mozambiek and Malawi outreach trip by Jaco Campher

Jesus blessed me with the opportunity to be part of the mission trip to Mozambiek and Malawi from the 28th of March up to the 11th of April 2019.

To be able to go on a trip like this just grips the love of Jesus in your heart!

I received so much more than what I gave, just like the miracle where Jesus fed the 5000 men, whatever I had to give, Jesus took and multiplied it in my own life!

In Mozambiek we could only share the gospel two days of the four days, due to unforeseen circumstances.  The two days that we could share was an amazing experience, to see how people just love Jesus.

In Malawi we could share the gospel all four days, and also just amazing how people live in such peach with having only the clothes on their body’s and food for the day.

The more you give, the more you will receive.

My recommendation is to all to join in and give whatever you can, and see how you grow in Jesus! The King of my heart! And all the believers hearts!

But go on the trip to see for yourself!

Thank Jesus for all the love and all the people who joined in the trip, and deposited truth in my life!


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